Roasted cashews

Lightly browned cashews with a dash of salt and a warm, enhanced nutty flavor – a timeless favorite. We roast our kernels in double refined oil and vacuum pack it with permitted anti-oxidants so that our kernels stay crisp and fresh for much longer.


Plain cashews

Crisp crescents of expertly hulled cashews, carefully packed for a delightfully fresh bite. Our plain kernels are given a special heat treatment in huge electric ovens to give it its lasting crispness and fresh taste, before being vacuum packed.


Flavored Cashews

Flavored Cashews manufactured with Spin Dry Technology. For the adventurous palate, handpicked nuts dressed up in a mouthwatering collection of sweet and savory flavors which will be introduce shortly. Plain, flavoured or roasted, when you choose Urbans Cashews you choose the best.